Drupal Development Blogs

A Single Node on Multiple Dates in Drupal

If you’ve ever used the Date module in Drupal 7, you’re probably familiar with the many features available.  One component that was specifically necessary for a recent project was the ability to have multiple dates on a single node or recurring events.  The Date module makes this easy enough by providing Date Repeat API and Date Repeat Field modules in the packaged download.  More

The Best of the Drupal 8 Beta

Just last week, the Drupal community reached a major milestone with the first beta release of Drupal 8. This is a critical step forward for anyone who interacts with Drupal because of the huge amount of potential in what many see as one of the biggest changes the platform has ever seen.  More

Drupalcamp Colorado 2014 Recap

It’s a fact that the average weekend goes by too fast, but add in a Drupalcamp and you’ll barely know the weekend ever happened. This year’s Drupalcamp Colorado was packed full of great sessions, interesting conversation and, of course, too much coffee. Elevated Third sponsored the camp at the gold level, on top of four sessions led by various members of the development team. All of the slidedecks and demonstration repositories have been made public by the presenters, so check them out below if you weren’t able to make it to our sessions.  More

Adapting to the Acquia Cloud API

At Elevated Third our Drupal development team has moved past the honeymoon phase with Drush, our one true love, and fallen into a daily routine of efficient CLI interaction with Drupal. Just when we thought the spark was gone, we discovered the Acquia Cloud API for Drush and the relationship felt new all over again.  More

Behind the Scenes of the New Elevated Third Site

A fresh agency website is something that is necessary, even critical, in supporting new business. It is how we communicate that we’re on the top of our game, yet when great clients keep walking in the door it is easy to get complacent and keep coasting with what is on the domain now. Afterall, if it ain’t broke why do it all over again?  More

DrupalCon Austin or Bust

As the dev team burns the midnight oil to put the finishing touches on our new site, the design team is neck-deep in swag preparation for DrupalCon Austin. With a new booth comes a whole new set of giveaways and print pieces to design and produce, and always in not enough time. But not to worry, for everyone out there heading to balmy Austin as well, we've got some great stuff planned!  More

Building an HTML5 Icon Editor in Drupal

A while back I threw together a proof of concept icon editor using Drupal 7 and an HTML5 canvas, and it was way too neat to not share with the rest of the world. This tutorial is a basic walk-through of how to make the canvas editor, which allows a user to edit the pixel values of an image on a Drupal node and save it back to the same node.  More

Looking Forward to Drupal 8: Twig

The next major version of Drupal is in the works, and it’s shaping up to be one of the most substantial changes to date. With so many new features, there’s something for everyone to be excited about. As a front-end developer and Drupal themer, it probably goes without saying that the feature I’m looking forward to the most is the inclusion of the Twig templating system.  More

Scald Migration: From Drupal Images to Scald Media Management

Scald Media Management is a Drupal media management module that can replace Drupal’s default images and allows you to curate and reuse media as entities across your whole site. Scald is for more than just images though, you can use Scald to effectively manage videos (including YouTube, Vimeo, and DailyMotion), audio, images, and Flash files out to the box.  More