Real time marketing is a brand reacting to an event with real time, on-the-fly responses. It doesn’t have to be a sports event; brands have recently been commenting on the Grammy’s, the finale of Breaking Bad and other current events. More
Congratulations! You made it through 2013. It was likely a tough one, with too much to do and not enough time or manpower to do it. More
A social media campaign that is unsupported by data will never be as useful as a well executed, data-backed content strategy. More
Now, the fun part. Let's get Google Authorship working with Drupal 7 and set it up to scale for multiple authors and pieces of content. More
Google Authorship allows a more visual connection between authors and their content in search results. It's a way to gain credibility, distinguish your content from other search listings and allow readers to connect with you. More
Blizzard Activision’s new PC game title Diablo 3 launches worldwide tomorrow, and is the culmination of four solid years of a stellar, multi-faceted marketing campaign. More