Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC)

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Clicks = Conversions

More Than Adwords

While Google Adwords is the familiar giant, the paid search ecosystem is vast. We understand how to leverage ad networks, social advertising such as Facebook and LinkedIn, as well as media advertising through YouTube and Hulu. We use this understanding to deliver cohesive, targeted digital campaigns across multiple platforms and devices.

Understanding ROI

Paid search is all about conversion, but the story doesn't stop after an ad click—it’s only just begun. We integrate PPC strategies with landing page campaigns, site analytics and sales reporting to follow a click through the entire conversion funnel, beginning to end.

Test, Refine, Repeat

Like search engine optimization, a crucial aspect in paid search is testing. A campaign launches with an informed strategy behind it, but there are no guarantees. We watch for trends and patterns to continuously refine and evolve campaigns.

Digital Detectives

While Google, Bing and Yahoo! make it easy to setup and launch a campaign, the tools don’t provide the insight to react quickly to new data or discover new opportunities. We’re curious types, always asking, “why” and "what if” which allows us to find new ways to reach your goals.


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