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Open-Source Advocates

We're behind the open-source movement 100%. We believe in contributing technology with the open-source community and giving clients complete control over their code. There are no black-boxes or database hostage negotiations here. We're completely open and transparent, just like the technology we use.

Leverage First, Build Second

We're not in the business of charging you to reinvent the wheel. Whenever possible, we leverage existing technology to achieve 90% of what we're trying to do. Only then will we unleash our team of developers to perform programmatic miracles for the last 10%.

In-House Talent

There's a surge of development being sent overseas. We tried it once, never again. We learned that developers are critical throughout the planning and strategy process for a polished, bullet-proof product. That's why all of our developers are in-house, on-site and part of our everyday workflow.

Communication = Collaboration

It can be hard to vet web developers if you don't speak their language. Good developers are curious and ask questions to get to the meaning behind a feature. If they understand the "why," they can often come up with a much better "how," and that's exactly why they are involved in every aspect of our process. We work lean and mean, while focusing on communication over documentation to get things done.


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