Angelica Pappas

Digital Strategist

Bio Photo for Angelica

Being constantly mistaken for a math major, Angelica jumped head first into analytics and the associated digital marketing tools with enthusiasm right after college. She is so stoked to help provide a deeper understanding of the projects the team works on

The biggest turning point of her career was working in an agency as a paid search specialist and becoming an expert in this field. Her goal is always to use digital marketing as a starting point to provide strategy that can positively affect the business as a whole. Prior to Elevated Third, she also worked at Red Hat as a go-to market manager, getting a taste of internal sales and marketing practices to better educate her on the big picture of campaign execution. 

She gets out of bed for 2 reasons: her rescued mutt, Cheddar, and her 3 legged black cat, Vader. She also is a major history buff for the strangest stories of the past and loves to travel across the world with her boyfriend. She wants to get people excited about numbers and help make days a little brighter, one weird fact at a time.