Carmela White

Account Manager

Image of Carmella White

Carmela has a flare for adventure. You can find her either riding solo or coaching a friend down the ski slopes, acting on set, or burning rubber on the track.

With a competitive and fun loving spirit, Carmela found that account management was the best course of action when imagining a fast paced and collaborative career.

As a student at Appalachian State, she focused on studying Communication with a focus on Advertising. Before joining Elevated Third, Carmela worked at a sports and entertainment advertising agency where she refined her skills as an account manager. When she moved to Colorado from North Carolina, she was not only excited to get back on the mountains but to continue her journey in account management.

Carmela was a snowboarding instructor for seven years before moving to Colorado. During her time in New York City, she worked in the film and television industry as an actor. As you can see, she is always excited to try new things, push boundaries and step outside of the box. This adventure loving girl has succeed in everything she has tried and is looking forward to stepping into that power at Elevated Third and showing what she’s got!