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Chris Wright

chris wright

Computers make excellent and efficient servants, but I have no wish to serve under them.


Let me Google that for you

If Google doesn’t have the answer, someone on your team will. Never be afraid to ask the community for help.

Since he was self-taught, Chris has always had a passion to help others who need it. If he can lend a hand or is able to find the answer to help a team member, he is always ready to help!

Check the manual

Over the years Chris has had the opportunity to work on many cool projects. He’s gotten to speak at different Drupal meetups to share the skills he has learned. His current goals are to attain even more certifications and continue helping others learn how to use Drupal.

Chris enjoys listening to music and playing bass. He enjoys good classics like Seinfeld and Star Trek. On the weekends you can catch him at the Farmer’s Market or out trying some new food! He also enjoys being outdoors and playing with his two cats.

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