Chief Operating Officer
Integrator and Maximizer

Corey Hollenbeck

Corey with his kids in Ireland

The point about Connectors is that by having a foot in so many different worlds, they have the effect of bringing them all together.

Malcolm Gladwell
The Tipping Point

Connecting the dots

Corey is right at home when he can bring all the parts together. Optimizing it all is the icing on the cake.

An eternal optimist, Corey sees the good in what is, and the potential in what can be even better. And aren’t things better when they work seamlessly together? It’s this approach that keeps him looking for the constant improvement that’s often found in a great process or well-fostered working relationships.

Variety is the spice

Corey approaches his role as COO with an “everything is my job” perspective. Whether it’s his many years in a Big 5 digital consulting practice, or his COO roles in multiple startups, Corey enjoys bringing teams together to do new things and tackle new challenges. He has worked with clients across many industries, and led teams across many disciplines, always with the goal of rowing together and enjoying the journey.

Trained in high school to be a concert pianist, Corey holds music as his favorite hobby. Learning and sometimes even building a new instrument is something Corey (and his family almost always) enjoys!

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