Account Manager
Finding the good

Danielle Tobar

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To make living itself an art, that is the goal. 

Henry Miller

Stop. Drop. And Roll. 

Danielle considers it her mission to bring value and authenticity to every meeting and interaction. And that her genuine care for her clients’ success shines through when she leads with questions and understanding first.

Her creative background and past experiences serving clients and customers alike help her problem solve and put out the occasional fire. But she operates with a safety-first mentality - trying to stop them before they even happen.

No half-assin' 

Danielle had a roundabout way of ending up in account management- starting in retail, then social media management, and then teaching English in the Czech Republic before settling into the agency world working with B2B manufacturers in the digital space.

Born and raised in mid-Missouri, Danielle now calls St. Louis home. When she’s not talking to clients or creating estimates, you can find her painting, binging true crime podcasts and reality TV, kayaking, traveling, or serving on the board for Saint Louis Counseling, an organization that promotes healing and improved mental health through counseling and psychiatric services.