Jr. Digital Marketing Analyst
Knowledge Seeker

Destiny Mickell


You can never be overdressed or Over-educated

Oscar Wilde

Joy in the Journey

I stick to the 3 C’s while working. Never stop being curious, stay creative, and be candid.

My positive view on life, allows me to be the light at the end of the tunnel no matter how large or chaotic the project.

Keep Grinding, Keep Learning

Originally from New York, but living life in the Carolinas, I graduated with a degree in marketing from Johnson & Wales University. I started my career in sales but always stayed in the loop with my true passion, digital marketing. From freelance projects, certifications, to part-time contracts, my career path to becoming a Digital Marketing Analyst was anything but linear. With my “keep grinding, keep learning mentality, I eventually got my foot in the door, and was happy to have my first full-time position within Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing by day but all things Food and Beverage by night. I love discovering new places, cultures, and the amazing food and wine that comes with it!

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