UX & Content Strategist

Elizabeth Jerow

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Messes are made of information and people.

Abby Covert

Put the user first.

Elizabeth turns empathy for end users into effective digital experiences. 

She seeks to crystallize the core insights that lead to project success. Elizabeth asks the questions, tests the hypotheses, and develops the strategies.


Stay curious.

Elizabeth holds a masters degree in library and information science, which helps her make order of chaos in digital work. She’s been working in the digital world since 2010, doing strategy, UX design, information architecture, and user testing. Years of customer service and tech support work give her deep insight into user needs. 

Elizabeth is a perpetually curious person who always has a couple creative projects in flight. On the weekends you might find her outlining a story, taking pictures, tending to a jungle of houseplants, or snuggling two awful cats.

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