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Elliot Hodgin

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Authenticity is power.

Margaux Perrier 

Listen Before You Speak

Elliot is a huge believer in stepping into other people’s shoes: continually understanding everyone’s points of view as you move forward.

Her positive attitude in combination with her intrinsic drive allows her to think quickly on her feet and adapt to any situation that may arise during a project. All of these skills come together, allowing her to be highly efficient in account and project management.

Always Stand Tall

While studying Advertising and Multimedia at the University of Oregon, the digital marketing world emerged in front of her as her forte. As the Director of Project Management for her school’s own advertising agency, her empathetic people skills and organizational hard skills came together in a perfect blend. She found her passion for keeping projects on task while also balancing the needs of her colleagues and clients. 

When Elliot’s not at work, you can find this Oregon Native turned Colorado transplant taking photos at concerts, binging a new Netflix series, or trying to teach herself how to snowboard. 

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