Eric Schmidt

Drupal Developer

Image of Eric Schmidt

Eric is not, and will never be, a technical bystander.

Since earning his BS in Technical Communication/Digital Media, he has been immersed in the worlds of Drupal and Wordpress where he codes sites from the ground up in standards-compliant HTML/CSS/JavaScript.

After dabbling in graphic design, Eric quickly realized that building and implementing a fully realized design is where his true passion lies. With an eye for design and a mind for code, Eric serves up beauty and functionally to every project he touches.

With 5+ years of experience in the constantly changing web design industry, Eric is dedicated to being on the cutting edge of web development. While his main focus over the past few years has been building Drupal-based websites, he prides himself on being able to quickly learn new technologies, and then apply them to new projects—there is nothing he loves more than adding a new tool to his belt. At Elevated Third, his goals align with our mission as he creates enterprise-level sites for clients like Tibco, Comcast, and Six Flags.