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Jason Want

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Be curious, not judgmental.

Walt Whitman

There is no spoon

While Jason realizes that behind every technical challenge is a logic puzzle of ones and zeros; he believes that people and their passions are how projects become a success. Individuals steadfastly working together can accomplish their most challenging objectives through aligned goals, shared risk, collaboration and transparent communication.

When uncertainty and doubt clouds a team’s path to complete a project, Jason helps clarify what success looks like and then asks the team pertinent questions to define actionable steps to get there. He empathizes with each stakeholder and connects them to each other's goals.

Stop. Collaborate. Listen.

Jason’s professional experience has given him many perspectives from which to learn and grow. From teaching English to children ages 5 - 15 in Taiwan to being a tech worker cooperative co-owner, he has worn many hats and worked with many different people to accomplish shared goals. His decade plus years of experience working with Drupal started as internal client stakeholder and product owner, which now gives him insight into Elevated Third’s customers’ ambitions. Along with this, his success as a Drupal developer and architect allowed him to satisfy his need to solve complex technical problems and connect with Elevated Third’s development team members. Jason’s journey always includes learning from others and sharing a passion for cooperative success.

When away from the computer, Jason enjoys spending time with his family, playing soccer, landscaping the yard, and sailing on Lake Pontchartrain with friends and family. You can also find him letting the good times roll, dressing up and parading around on Fat Tuesdays here in New Orleans.

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