Jill Farley

UX & Content Strategist

A photo of Jill

Jill's job at Elevated Third is simple: Do what's best for the user. Always.

Pardot Specialist BadgeA jack-of-all-trades, Jill's decade of experience in digital work straddles content, strategy, usability, design, project management and analysis. She has built digital teams and programs from the ground up at non-profits and managed high-profile digital projects for Fortune 500 companies at agencies. Her favorite thing to do is ask questions, which helped when pursuing a degree in Journalism and has allowed her to squirrel away a mental encyclopedia over the years on what makes users tick. 

A recent transplant to Denver from the chaos of Chicago, Jill loves the simple things in life. Whether it's enjoying a hike, a sunset or a well-designed website, she loves boiling things down to their truest form. A cozy night hanging with her husband, her dog and a good beer is her ideal way to pass the time.