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Jimmy Courtice

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If you can dream it, you can do it.

Walt Disney

I can do that

Whether it’s working on motorcycles or building furniture, Jimmy has always enjoyed figuring out how things work. That unceasing drive to gain a deeper understanding of the world around him is what led him into the world of software development.

Jimmy’s approach to development is grounded in open and honest communication. Drawing on his experiences as a social worker and an organizer, he’s seeks to understand the challenges and opportunities of any given situation. He then uses the knowledge and insights gained via that process to develop solutions that drive meaningful and effective results.

Anything is possible

Though at times he looks like a wandering lumberjack, Jimmy actually grew up in beautiful Southern California. He spent his formative years moshing in punk clubs and riding around on vintage Japanese motorcycles. He probably would have just kept that up had fate not intervened in 2004 when he met his wife after she ran him over with her truck.

With degrees in both social work and studio art Jimmy’s done everything form organizing unions with hospital workers to leading for the marketing efforts for a children’s psychiatric hospital. When he’s not making websites, he’s spends his time hanging out with family, reading comics, and making stuff. He still rides motorcycles and goes to punk rock shows. He just stands in the back now.

Jimmy with his family
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