Joe Meersman

Senior Drupal Developer

Image of Joe Meersman

Joe is not only a veteran developer with more than a few tours under his belt.

He is a born communicator with the uncanny ability to translate the complex into simple ideas anyone can understand. While at Elevated Third, Joe has worked projects with brands such as Worldwide Express, Comcast, Regional West, Gamma Phi Beta and Postnet.

Understanding how things work has always been something Joe just does. Listening to music wasn’t enough, nor was playing it. Joe had to figure out how sound worked, and why it sounded so good when it hit his ears. You can imagine how that kind of motivation to understand comes in handy for any developer. He’s used this way of understanding in his work both with us and with a previous Drupal shop where he worked with clients such as Free Speech TV.

Joe’s inspiration comes from turning the complex into the simple. Pages of music notes can become a simple, moving melody and lines of code become an elegant experience for a user.

Joe's Drupal profile.