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Josh Wagner

Josh Wagner
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Where there’s a will, there’s a way

Josh doesn’t mind solving the hard problems when building a beautiful design. In fact, solving crazy ones has a special satisfaction.

Not willing to stop improving, Josh continually seeks out the best way to solve problems that are not only elegant but scalable. As a Drupal developer, that means not stopping at this module or that standard method, but thinking about the best long-term solution. The simple answer is not always the easy one. 

Never Stop Learning

Graduating from UNC Asheville with a degree in Music Technology doesn’t seem like the start of a career in online technology, but in Josh’s case it worked out that way.

Being a self-taught developer has advantages, especially when the industry changes every day. When you’ve learned how to learn, new technologies seem less daunting. After learning the ropes building on the WordPress CMS, Josh transitioned to a Drupal developer to build even greater front-end experiences.

After spending the day working out web solutions, Josh relaxes by playing a few rounds of Overwatch, possibly strumming out a new tune on his guitar, or maybe simply reading some science fiction with his pets.

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