Operations Manager

Juliana Swanson

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Juliana performing at concert

Who is Juliana?

Having been a singer her whole life, Juliana isn’t scared of putting herself out there and making her presence known.

Her background of performing in bands has laid the foundation for her success in being a team-player who isn't afraid to help lead the way.

Born and raised in Miami, FL, Juliana decided to completely switch gears and attend college at University of Vermont. After moving to Denver, Juliana began working as an Operations Manager in the live music industry where she felt she truly found her calling (outside of being a famous singer of course). Although her days working in live concerts are behind her, Juliana is excited to bring her skills and pizazz to the Elevated Third team!

In her free time, Juliana enjoys spending time in the great outdoors with her Boston Terrier, Quinnie. She also loves to discover new recipes and is almost always cooking elaborate meals for her friends and family.

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