Justin Giuffrida

Business Development Representative

Image of Justin Giuffrida

Justin is a full time adventure, stemming from a small town in West Virginia. He’s lived in New York, Virginia, Ohio, and now Denver. On weekends you can find him in the mountains with his pup Echo, taking advantage of all the things nature has to offer.

In the military he worked in knowledge operations, managing data with sharepoint and worked closely with the postal service from a logistical perspective. After leaving the military he decided to pursue a degree in geology. After graduating he’s gained experience in renewable energy sales, software sales, marketplace research, and public speaking. Equipped with a strong science background and using it to predict future marketplace opportunities.

Justin takes pride in every thing that he does. The quest to perfect his craft and be the best version of himself keeps his engine going. Being in the business development position allows him to be the social butterfly that he has evolved to be.