Kara Tong

Drupal Developer

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Do you ever look at things and think to yourself, “I can build that” or “I can make that”?

Whether it’s a coffee table, a dress, or an app, Kara is passionate about knowing or learning how to do just that. She has a deep interest in art, crafts, and technology and hopes to find a way to encompass all her passions in her work.

Eager to find her niche, Kara spends much of her time exploring different avenues and refining her skills. Prior to Elevated Third, she spent time as a front-end and full-stack developer, a UX designer, a big data engineer and even a mixed-media artist. Kara graduated from New York University with a focus in Computer Science, and also studied journalism and liberal arts. Using her varied background, Kara brings a unique perspective to her work.