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Keeping It Real

Kate Sawyer

Kate Sawyer
Bicycle at sunset in forest park

To me, if life boils down to one thing, it's movement. To live is to keep moving.

Jerry Seinfeld

Like Riding a Unicycle

Kate believes account management is a lot like learning to ride a unicycle. You must stay balanced, have support, and never stop moving.

Kate likes to foster candor between Elevated Third and her clients to create a true sense of teamwork. When we have common understanding amongst smart people who are moving forward together, success is inevitable.

Details, Details, Details.

Kate graduated from UNC Chapel Hill (go Heels!), but her real learnin' happened in the advertising world of NYC. She spent half a decade making print ads for Band-Aid, TV commercials for Subway, and brand activations for Chase Bank. This experience taught her that a deep understanding of a client's business is equally as important as a brain that can keep track of all the details.

Kate now resides in Austin with her chocolate lab Sarge and husband (in that order). She is a voracious reader who does her best thinking on her bike commute to work.

Neos signing spelling, "Texas"
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