Program Manager
Be Kind. Always.

Kristen Littlefield

Rochester NH

Trying to manage a project without project management is like trying to play a football game without a game plan.

Karen Tate

Progress, not perfection

Kristen believes in getting to know the project team on a human level and finding out what motivates them to do great work.

She loves figuring out how to best organize a project.  It’s like seeing the pieces of a puzzle come together. Once you get into a cadence, there’s nothing like seeing the progress the team has made and eventually, the finished product.


Never Stop Learning

Kristen was born and raised in New Hampshire and has been working toward her BS in Project Management and Operations from Southern NH University. She’s worked as a project manager in the digital marketing space for 15 years on a myriad of projects such as new builds, large website rebuilds, and accessibility for clients in financial, education, and B2C sectors.

On weekends, you can typically find Kristen at the baseball or football field watching her sons play sports, at the movies with her family (Marvel and DC movies are a favorite) or working on projects around the house.

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