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Kristin Forburger

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What, like it’s hard?

Elle Woods
Legally Blonde

no guts, no glory

Kristin finds comfort in jumping out of comfort zones, overcoming challenges and proving people wrong. It makes sense why she chose a career in account management and client services.

Originally from San Diego, Kristin attended UT (hookem!) and studied PR + Advertising. Upon graduation, she headed back to California where she worked for creative teams in the entertainment industry on campaigns such as Wonder Woman and It. After taking some time off to solo-travel (what’s up, comfort zones!), she missed queso and found herself back in Austin, working on Southwest Airlines brand campaigns. Kristin is thrilled to now be on the Elevated Third team working and expanding her knowledge in the digital space.

Busy > Bored

When she’s not working, Kristin is crossing things off her color-coordinated, personal to-do lists (with a bright pink pen) and keeping herself overwhelmingly busy. She firmly believes that it’s better to be busy than bored, and lives out that motto every day. Important to note that at the very top of her to-do list, every time, is spending time with her 60 lb goldendoodle, Steve.

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