Kylie Forcinito

Senior Account Manager

A photo of Kylie

"Be the lighthouse, not the storm.” Organizing chaos is a skill-set that Kylie takes pride in.

Within the fast-paced and ever-changing digital environment, she is quick on her feet. Kylie is always able to find solutions that keep the team and project grounded and on task. 

Kylie has vast agency experience spanning from digital to in-store shopper marketing. Her client experience ranges from global consumer packaged goods brands, such as Gillette and Kellogg's, to local non-profits like the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo. Kylie's background originated in project management and production, and eventually evolved into account management where she found her true calling in the ad world.  

Flawless execution motivates Kylie each and everyday, in all facets of her life. As an account manager, barre teacher, wedding planner, wife, and mom to fur children, she fully believes that at the end of the day, if you can't take pride in the work you do, what's the point in doing it at all.