Laurel Streng

Drupal Developer

Image of Laurel Streng

If Laurel's passion for front-end development isn't clear enough, just ask her cat, WYSIWYG.

Making websites beautiful for over seven years, Laurel brings her appreciation of great design to her role as front-end developer.

While earning a BFA in Graphic Design, Laurel’s career in development originated as a happy accident when tasked to build a website for an interactive art class. Though she started with WordPress, she transitioned to Drupal, preferring the flexibility it offers to build unique functionality for each site. Her past clients range in both size and industry, including both local restaurants and large hospitals.

Laurel loves breaking things down, learning tools and methods, and creating interesting things. Striving to constantly improve her craft, she knows she must continue to learn to avoid falling behind. Just like with physical fitness, consistent practice keeps her code in shape. When she’s not “heads down” at our Raleigh office, Laurel can often be found on the move - skiing, running or biking - or enjoying a fine cup of coffee or craft beer.