Lauren Motl

UX Design Manager

Image of Lauren Motl

A unique ability to balance her right-brain with her left-brain means that Lauren’s design work is as thoughtful and detail-oriented as it is creative.

With roots in the Midwest, Lauren has always had a strong work ethic and thirst for learning. She studied design at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities and has spent the last seven years working as a designer in Denver.

Having a talent for art from a young age, Lauren knew she wanted to focus her skills to create design with intention. Pair that with a love for learning and Lauren has found her home working in the fast-changing digital space where design must be every bit as strategic as it is beautiful.

When not in front of a computer, Lauren can usually be found with a book in hand and challenges herself to read one book a week every year. The purpose of devoting so much free time to reading is in the pursuit of growing her knowledge in all types of areas such as biology, US history or the latest technology.