Lincy Joseph

Drupal Developer

Lincy Bio

Thirst to learn and grow both professionally and personally, drove Lincy far from her homeland. She found herself genuinely excited when the incredible opportunity of learning and working with her first love Drupal presented itself and she wasted no time.

Luck favored her since the beginning. She found herself working on numerous unique websites of the very well known pharmaceutical company, Pfizer. Since then, she was fortunate enough to strengthen her coding skills and knowledge along with communication skills through the means of  incredible opportunities like Interning at Cherryfish in Downtown Chicago and Web Developer at UIC College of Medicine which further gripped her hold in the programming world.

The sweet victory feeling after solving a puzzle is what lightens up Lincy’s face. Ironically being far from home is exactly what makes her feel at home. Travel is the only other addiction in life and so far this addiction has been just right for her.