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Maggie Cipriano

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Washington's largest cedar

 “Do stuff. Be clenched, curious. Not waiting for inspiration's shove or society's kiss on your forehead.”

Susan Sontag

The forest and the trees.

Maggie is adept at big-picture thinking while paying special attention to the little stuff. With a passion for sustainable and ethical design, her goal is to drive forward empathetic, people-focused strategies to make meaningful change.

With a penchant for analytics and a reverence for language, Maggie approaches problem solving with a focus on storytelling. After all, as a famous poet theorized: some languages are constructed so that we only speak one sentence our entire lives.

Be the moved mover.

A poet-turned-PR-pro-turned-UX Designer, Maggie turned an MFA in poetry and four years of content development into a UX career.

Outside of work, this Seattle-based Midwest transplant is on the futile hunt for the best deep-dish in the PNW.  A lover of nature, photography and her cats, you can find her cheering on her favorite sports teams from a notorious bar near Ballard, where she and the owner have matching Cubs tattoos. 

Image of scoreboard of Cubs win at Cleveland staduim
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