Junior Drupal Developer
Invested in Improvement

Melvin Vasquez


We choose to go to the Moon … not because [it’s] easy, but because [it’s] hard.

John F. Kennedy

Determination Is Success In Progress

Melvin is always on the hunt to find a better way to improve processes and create them where there are none. He always brings the best of himself to any project, all while having fun along the way.

Surpass Your Limits

Born and raised in Miami, Melvin initially aimed to become a Physical Therapist. However, he became more fascinated with the problem-solving and programming aspects of his undergraduate studies in Physical Education. Combined with a passion for technology, he devoted his time to becoming a web developer, and hasn’t looked back since.

With that said, his interest in overall health and physical fitness hasn’t waned. Melvin enjoys going out for bike rides and exercising at a gym to unwind. He also has a keen interest in Virtual Reality, and looks forward to seeing the impact the technology will have not only today but in the future.

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