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Michael Robbe

Michael Robbe
mise en place

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.


Always Building Curiously Dynamic Efficiencies

I approach my tasks like a chef in a kitchen, mise en place, gathering and preparing all the requirements and assets, so I can work quickly and autonomously.

As a long term contractor, I’ve learned and leaned into the unique practices at every institution, using each project as a way to refine how to better approach work.

The project comes first

My professional development career started in 2005, at a small webdev shop, which led to my next opportunity, combining and compounding experience, with each position, role, and project. Learning in an agency environment leads to wearing a lot of hats. I’ve contracted, working as a SME at Cisco, Netflix, Google, Facebook. I’ve expanded my scope and learned to better leverage my skillset.

INTP. Casual-Hardcore PC gamer. Armchair philosopher. Enjoy watching great movies with my wife, and exploring the best new eateries wherever we find ourselves.

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