Nick Switzer

Development Director

Image of Nick Switzer

Nick is more than a code writer; he’s a code communicator.

Acquia Grand Master BadgeA kind of journalistic tenacity, paired with a technical obsession, makes for an equal parts planner and doer. With numerous projects under his belt at Elevated Third, Nick's done everything from IA to Drupal development, from Colorado PERA to Comcast.

Nick has always been right in the sweet spot between information and technology. Before joining our team, Nick was both a freelance dev and web producer at a newspaper, where he gained experience in advertising, multimedia projects and web development. An understanding of content production, organization and delivery gives him unique insight into the digital world where everyone is a publisher.

Nick has a knack for getting to the bottom of a problem—and it’s a good thing, too. The daily mysteries that come with the territory of digital provide plenty of new and interesting challenges for Nick to uncover.

Nick's Drupal profile.