Oliver Ghingold

Drupal Developer

Image of Oliver Ghingold

When Oliver isn’t coding, you will typically find him hanging out with friends, reading, playing games, or losing himself in a logic puzzle. When he is coding, you can often find him asking the eternal question: “Can I solve this with regex?”

Originally focused on hard Computer Science and systems engineering, Oliver’s love for the ethos of free software, respect for the importance and challenges of accessibility, and reverence for the awesome possibilities of an interconnected world brought him to the nexus where all three meet: developing for the web. Shortly after transitioning to web development Oliver was introduced to Drupal, and has spent the last five years working on the full stack, from server-to-CSS.

There will always be a soft spot in Oliver’s heart for front-end development, as this is where accessibility is made and, all too often, broken. No matter what areas of specialization a project requires, though, he never loses sight of the fact that the web is supposed to be for everyone, and enjoys taking the unique challenges of each new site head-on so that every site he works on can reach its maximum potential. After all, what is coding if not the greatest logic puzzle of them all?