Shannon Flowerday

Senior UX / Digital Designer

A photo of Shannon

Creativity runs in Shannon’s family and instilled her love of art at a young age.

She credits them for inspiring and encouraging her to become the designer she is today. Before working at Elevated Third, Shannon worked at an outdoor advertising company on billboard design for clients like Girl Scouts of America and the University of Michigan.

In the past Shannon designed for print but is now a digital designer. The challenge of learning new things keeps it interesting for her, as she’s always learning and putting her newfound experience to work. She loves being challenged and pushed out of her comfort zone. Shannon has worked on nearly every single step in design while at Elevated Third, from storyboarding to animation to production. Some of her clients include Comcast, Summit Materials, National Stroke Association, Rise Above Colorado and Boulder Brands.

Creating something from nothing and turning it into a living, breathing, fully-functional visual object is what motivates Shannon. She finds it inspiring that she can “speak” to people and create thoughts and emotions through her work. Seeing something come to fruition after lots of hard work is especially gratifying.