Shayne Rempel

UX Strategist

Image of Shayne Rempel

Shayne is a data-obsessed creative, musician, and writer. She balances her right-brained passion for UX, singing, and songwriting, with her left-brained focus on business development, data analysis, and conversion optimization.

As co-founder and lead web strategist of a web design and marketing consultancy for 5 years, Shayne understands how every piece of the marketing mix works together to impact the user experience of a brand –– and not always in a good way! Prior to joining Elevated Third, she specialized as a usability consultant, helping SaaS companies develop and carry out effective digital initiatives.

Shayne is fueled by a passion and drive to make the web a better place, for all. She advocates for and educates companies on how to leverage usability testing as part of every new initiative. In her ongoing mission to make digital services more usable, intuitive, effective, and beautiful, her husband and her dog are her biggest cheerleaders, pushing her to be better and do better every day.