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Relentless Curiosity

Trey Danks

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The important thing is not to stop questioning.

Albert Einstein

With curiosity as my compass

The only limitation in life, and each step along the way, is where our curiosity ends. Through asking, "why?" We answer, "how?"

Always pushing for more, out of himself, a team, an individual, or a product. He seeks out the underlying problem, not just the symptom.

Balance is key

Trey has a diverse background, with experience in renewable energies, cryptocurrencies, customer service, teaching and coaching, allowing him to approach problems from unique angles and better empathize with clients and their interaction with technologies.

Outside of work, he enjoys exploring the world around him through hiking, experiencing new cultures and food, pushing his physical and mental limits through triathlon, and pausing to breathe and sip on coffee. It's all about balance.

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