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DemandGen + Drupal Personalization: Amplify Your Outreach


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Are your ads and emails driving traffic, but conversions just not cutting it? Probably because the messaging on your Drupal website is about as generic as a store brand cereal box. At this pivotal moment of truth, you’re leaving a bland taste in the customer’s mouth. Yuck. 

Amplify your outreach with Drupal personalization. In this webinar, Elevated Third Creative Director Judd Mercer shows B2B marketers how to cut through the click-throughs to pinpoint and convert people who are ready to engage.

This presentation covers:

  • Segmentation vs personalization — the difference between a tailored, effective touchpoint and categorical communication
  • Cut through the click-throughs – Stop reporting on vanity KPIs. Use data, personalize content and get your users to engage
  • Tools and tactics for tracking individual traffic — granular ways to get insight into prospects’ intent and what they need to see to engage
  • The optimal signal to noise ratio — how to personalize your site for maximum impact with minimal effort
  • The Drupal Personalization Starter Kit — how you can get started with Drupal personalization