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As a B2B marketer, displaying a targeted marketing message, case study example or recommended product that speaks directly to your prospect can tip the conversion scales. Drupal 8’s component-oriented structure is perfect for web personalization, and there are a number of ways to get started. 

Our Smart Content module, developed for Drupal 8, can integrate with any data source to help you deliver segmented content—through the Drupal 8 admin you already know—based on industry, buyer stage, location or other crucial segments.

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Acquia Lift takes a broader approach to Drupal web personalization, allowing marketers to select the level of sophistication that suits their needs and their budgets. The process starts with building unified customer personas based on data like device type, geolocation, and browser history. Then, using a drag and drop Drupal interface, Lift delivers targeted content to relevant customer segments.

Pair Acquia Lift or the Smart Content module with a data source like Marketo RTP or Demandbase Engagement Solution and you have what you need to start providing a customized experience.

Because it’s proven to increase ROI for those companies who are doing it right, personalization can no longer be ignored. And if you can start small with lower investment, it can mitigate the risks you may associate with starting at all.

Learn the basics of web personalization for Drupal. 

Acquia Lift

An end-to-end personalization engine optimized for Drupal. Acquia Lift incorporates segmentation, content delivery, and reporting all in one package.


Smart Content

Our custom module that connects your data to the flexibility of Drupal’s content administration. No additional systems needed. Just a data source and Drupal.

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