Drupal 8 Personalization | Web Personalization

Web Personalization with Drupal 8 is easier than you think.

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Custom Smart Content Module
Compatible with any marketing tech
Unlimited segment options
Smart Content Animation

As a B2B marketer, displaying a targeted marketing message, case study example or recommended product that speaks directly to your prospect can tip the conversion scales. Drupal 8’s component-oriented structure is perfect for web personalization.

Pair Drupal 8’s structure with our Smart Content module and a data source like Marketo RTP, Google Analytics or SalesForce Einstein and you have what you need to start providing a customized experience.

Smart Content is just one part of our Drupal+ marketing ecosystem that offers better editing, web personalization and integrations. 

How Smart Content enables web personalization for Drupal


Personalization with Drupal+. Real examples. Real direction. 

Because it’s proven to increase ROI for those companies who are doing it right, personalization can no longer be ignored. And if you can start small with lower investment, it can mitigate the risks you may associate with starting at all.

Drupal + Marketo

Gather data through Marketo forms and use it to trigger personalized content to prospects you know. We have a module for seamlessly integrating Marketo forms into Drupal.

Smart Content

Our custom module that connects your data to the flexibility of Drupal’s content administration. No additional systems needed. Just a data source and Drupal.

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