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2019 in Chicago

MidCamp | March 20-23

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Meet us at MidCamp

MidCamp joins together both current Drupal users and those still curious about how Drupal can help their company. Among talks, socials, and training, it's important to dig in on what interests MidCamp-ers the most.

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Here are our speakers:

Lily Burman and Nick Switzer: Empathy for internal users: Build and train for real content admins 

We will go over how to create delightful and strategic content admin experience with specific examples. The second half of our talk will go into detail on how to demo a client through the experience so they, too, can excel in Drupal. 

Brett Tesmer:  Stay Hungry. An appetite for New Business

During this presentation, we’ll discuss the importance of a dedicated new business department, how to create foundational processes across each department, the transition of a converted lead, and effective methods to acquire new business opportunities. 

Mike Lander: Anonymous Personalization Without Leaving Drupal

Ever wondered how you can personalize your website to each individual who visits it? MidCamp, meet Smart Content. In this session, we'll introduce the Smart Content contributed suite of modules and explain how you can make a curated experience for both authenticated and anonymous visitors.

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March 20th - 23rd | DePaul University

2250 N Sheffield Ave 
Chicago, IL 60614 Map