Backstage with the New Elevated Third Site


As a digital marketing agency, it is a necessary––even vital––step to build a new, updated website pretty frequently.

Sure, it’s been a little less than a year, but in order to keep great clients walking through the door, our presence has to be constantly growing and evolving.

How does one continue improving a business? You’ve got to look back over your performance the past year and decide where you can improve. For us, that involved the decision to focus on content marketing and adjust our positioning.

This past year, we stepped back and saw what we were best at: Drupal and B2B digital marketing. Every marketer worth his or her salt has heard the phrase, “Content is king.” But unoriginal content? It just makes your company look like it is floundering in a sea of knowledgeable businesses. Our content will take a stance in our industry, present a well-developed opinion and be something we truly care about.

Focusing on content marketing was the fueling idea behind the creation of our editions. Every six weeks, we will be releasing a new edition onto the site, similar to a magazine issue. Each has a theme (the first is Drupal marketing automation), and the majority of our content––blogs, downloadable content, case studies––will be centered on that specific topic. In addition, we will also be working to create many more Drupal dev blogs––because when you know a lot about something, you should spread your knowledge.

It was very important that the design of the new site coincided with the transitions Elevated Third has been making, from a brand new office to a redesigned logo and more. Our new design focused on evolving with our digital agency’s new positioning. Since the beginning of 2015, you may have started to see small changes, such as our updated brand.

So along with these design changes, prepare to see Elevated Third evolve in the way we create and deliver content. Our first edition will be released in a few days, providing in-depth and knowledgeable information about Drupal marketing automation, from people who know and love it. Content is king––but only if you do it right.