Blog Commenting to Build Your Brand


As a company who uses an extensive amount of open-source software and solutions, we understand the power of a community.

Gone are the days where job training consisted of sitting through seminars, reading text books or going through intensive training programs. Now we're a quick Google search away from finding tips, tricks and tools that we need to achieve our goals. With all of this information at our fingertips (and constantly changing), it would be irresponsible to just consume the content and not also create ourselves. We're smart. We figure out just as many things on our own without the assistance of the community. Why keep it in the four walls of this office? By sharing our advice, tips and any other opinions we have, we help the community and our company.

We add more experts to the community

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If one of us comes across a post covering a topic that we have extensive experience with, we can confidently offer any corrections or suggestions to further enhance the bloggers argument. In some cases, the blogger (or forum poster, whatever the case may be) may not be giving helpful or correct information. Instead of letting that sit there and waste other people's time, we can explain what they have missed and then give more useful information. Our goal isn't to go prove everybody wrong but rather to share our insight to help others. If the blogger disagrees, they can respond to our comment and ideally a good discussion begins to form.

We build a reputation

With helpful commenting and engaging discussions, we can become known among other regulars to the blogs we comment on and trusted within the community to offer good advice and insight. This helps Elevated Third become known as a knowledgable and trustworthy organization. This can increase the traffic to our website and blog and ideally lead to us getting more business. 

We become a resource

We may have spread the word about ourselves through blog commenting, forum posting, etc. but the real source of our insight is our blog. Here, we expand on what we discuss in the comment sections of other blogs. In the near future, commenting on our blog will allow us to host the discussion. With quality content and good responses in the comments (positive or negative), our blog can evolve into a destination for people looking to learn about web design, web development, search engine marketing and everything else we do here. 

The internet is a standing invitation to anyone who wants to participate. We've chosen to become active and share our expertise in an effort to not only improve the information that is available but also build a reputation around our name.