C-Suite Leadership and Marketing Innovation in Digital


In A Digital World, Marketing Innovation Means 'Leading The Possible'

This recent CMO.com article focuses on the importance of looking at the difficult center of a problem rather than grasping at straws on the fringe of the issue, all to inspire innovation. It seems that even in a business world that thrives on innovation, it has become all too common for ideas to be struck down immediately. These failures are for the sake of keeping marketing as it always has been, thereby stifling the reframing and rewiring that could result in something great. It’s less about “managing the probable” and more about “leading the possible” creatively to build and design new ideas.  

Digital Leadership In The C-Suite

It can be pretty easy to pass off digital as simply some other form of technology in the marketing world––but it probably means you are losing much of your potential. In this recent CMO.com article, C-suite executives are encouraged to take a bigger slice of the digital world. Without stepping into and integrating a company’s strategy with digital, it is likely to be left with a legacy CMS or some other type of unwieldy strategies while other companies pivot with ease.

Drupal Case Study: Ascend Agency

In this Drupal case study, Drupal agency Ascend discusses why their company chose to use Drupal as an integral aspect of their workflow. While the agency has many different reasons for using this open source CMS, some of the major ones include security, flexibility and internationality. With Drupal contributors around the globe, the CMS is more than just available to all, it’s built for all. Additionally, flaws can be fixed quickly and efficiently by the large base of Drupal users. By manipulating certain modules to work for them, the agency team was also able to make their site completely molded to their processes.

14 Interesting Digital Marketing Stats from the Past Week

Want to know more about what is happening in the world of digital marketing? Ad Week compiled a list of intriguing facts from the past week with everything from the new $10 bill in 2020 to alcohol companies increasing their digital marketing budgets because of better targeting methods.