CPXi/eMarketer Interview, Drupal 8 Accelerate and Facebook F8


What’s everyone talking about this week? Catch up on this week’s trending topics including an exclusive interview from eMarketer, the Drupal 8 Accelerate fundraising campaign and announcements from Facebook's F8 conference.

Keeping the Art in the Automated Buying and Selling of Media

In an exclusive interview with eMarketer, Jeff Hirsch, President of digital media company CPXi, discusses programmatic buying and creative advertising. Some of their main talking points include how programmatic buying is redefining creative, the evolution of marketers and agencies and the future of advertising creative. Hirsch is working to expand his company to automate the buying and selling of media while still holding onto the creative aspects that make users tick.

UK to Achieve World First as Half of Media Ad Spend Goes Digital

This year, the United Kingdom will be the first country to see half of its media ad spend devoted entirely to digital, according to eMarketer’s ad spending forecast. It is expected that ad spend in the UK will increase by six percent, totaling over £16.26 billion ($26.78 billion). Norway and China are following close behind, with China’s predicted ad spend overtaking that of the UK in 2018.

Drupal 8 Accelerate

Earlier this week, the Drupal Association announced the Drupal 8 Accelerate project to help move Drupal 8 from beta to full release. This pilot program will put 250 thousand dollars of community funds towards accelerating the Drupal 8 release. Drupal 8 Accelerate works by providing grants to fund work that will positively impact the release date. Find out more about how to donate here.

Everything You Need To Know From Facebook’s F8 Announcements

Last week, Facebook hosted its annual developer conference, F8, where there was a variety of new announcements, with the potential to change the face of digital once again. Messenger, the companion app to Facebook, will start to become its own platform, where users can download apps that add new functionality. Additionally, Facebook is going to be offering a new service called Analytics for Apps, that focuses on providing developers and marketers to learn more about who is using their apps.

Oracle Unleashes B2B Data as a Service

The SaaS company Oracle has announced another innovative step in digital marketing. In addition to their usual software and hardware offerings, the company will also begin releasing a Data-as-a-Service product that offers a way for B2B marketers to target potential customers. The main focus of the move is to bring targeting accuracy to marketers while enabling business customers to access information for their own databases.