Digital Advertising Efficacy and Programmatic Advertising Goals


Drupal Case Study: Wight & Company

Architecture and construction services firm Wight & Company worked together with agency TOKY Branding and Design to create their new Drupal website, as discussed in this Drupal case study. Wight was ready to move away from its outdated, legacy CMS and needed a CMS that would support an aesthetic front-end and a user-friendly back-end. Fast loading time and responsivity across devices were other necessities for Wight, which Drupal was easily able to provide.



Which Form of Digital Advertising is the Most Effective?

Every business is different––and every method of digital marketing must cater to its audience. There is not one solution to which digital advertising method works the best for every company. Business to Community’s post does an in-depth rundown of the things that are important to consider for each medium, whether it be native advertising or customized advertisements. While Business to Community discusses the obvious methods of advertising like Facebook and Twitter, it also delves into the efficacy of interstitial ads, banner ads and even PPC.  


Programmatic Advertising Goals

What are your company’s primary advertising goals? According to this eMarketer study, it’s a bit less about lead generation than you would think, and a bit more about branding. Around 68% of marketers interviewed felt that branding was a major goal, in contrast to 57% for lead generation and 56% for digital sales. Another interesting study found that the advertising formats capitalized a decent amount each on desktop and on mobile, with a close 63% versus 58%.