Digital marketing challenge: How we launched a complete campaign and website in 4 weeks


Colorado’s Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) protect’s Colorado citizens by regulating over 50 professions in a wide range of industries, including insurance, real estate, finance and utility services in the State of Colorado. While the DORA website was designed to house an enormous amount of content to help a consumer deal with a regulatory problem, the content wasn’t constructed in a way to inform someone on how to prevent fraud before it happens.

We were approached by DORA to create a digital marketing campaign and website for their consumer-facing initiative, Ask Dora. The campaign needed to include marketing-focused content, and would need to showcase their PSA campaign, Take 5, a video series encouraging consumers to take five minutes to get informed, avoiding headaches later. The catch? The entire campaign and website needed to launch within 4 weeks, using Colorado Interactive’s Pacific platform

We’ve had many successful partnerships with government agencies, and the Pacific platform, a custom Drupal build, was designed for this kind of work. In fact, over 125 Colorado agencies, departments and municipalities use Pacific.

The Process

We began the process thinking of a fun way to engage consumers. What would make someone stop and read content about preventing fraud? We started out by developing some loose ideas through a group brainstorm, and ended with three fleshed out ideas to share with the client.

The first concept’s aim was to poke fun at a serious topic like regulation using playful, quirky illustrations and language.

Concept 1: Illustrated Images

The second concept focused around the idea of developing a mascot to stand for the Ask Dora campaign. The wise owl, advising consumers on how to protect themselves, seemed like a perfect fit. 

Concept 2: Owl Mascot

The third concept evolved from the question: “What’s the worst that could happen?” Using hand-drawn illustrations mixed with photography, the viewer was put in the position to imagine the problems that may occur when choosing a non-licensed doctor or contractor.

After a short review period, the owl was the clear winner. Both Elevated Third and DORA felt using a wise mascot to represent the department would be a unique and fitting way to captivate the audience.

As we finished the design concepts, we began user experience and drupal development work on the site. The Pacific platform is a robust content management system, featuring hundreds of thousands of nodes for government sites. While this allows for much customization, our team had to get creative to design unique templates. Our digital design team wireframed a few concepts, ensuring we could build out the necessary components within the body fields. 


The Launch

We rolled the Ask Dora website out on March 1, just one month from our initial brainstorm process. Upon launch, we planned for 6 “Phase 1” section pages to be published, in addition to the homepage, and we’ve added these sections as the content has been created. We have plans to introduce another 20+ “Phase 2” pages by mid-summer.

The owl mascot, affectionately named – what else? – Dora, has taken on a life of her own, and has been used on the site, in digital advertising, in social media and on broadcast television. We’re thrilled to roll out all of the additional sections of the site and see how the digital marketing campaign will grow and evolve over time.