Digital Marketing & The Real Estate Industry


Real estate organizations must adapt to new, powerful ways to deliver digital experiences that are as versatile as they are.

The real estate industry faces unique challenges while working against deadlines and expectations. Regulatory pressures, stakeholder contention, and budgetary restrictions require visionaries to think ahead of their competition to build a digital presence that won’t tie their hands with expensive proprietary licenses and high maintenance code.

On January 12th at the Denver Botanic Gardens, Elevated Third hosted “Digital Marketing for the Real Estate Industry,” an event that offered digital marketing insights to members of Denver’s commercial real estate and construction professionals.

Creative Director, Judd Mercer, and Development Director, Nick Switzer covered marketing tactics often used for real estate website projects like user tracking and lead scoring, all things that can be accomplished on the Drupal CMS.

Elevated Third has a record of success working with the real estate industry for clients like Brookfield Residential, DMAR, Westfield, YES Communities, and Global Logistics Properties (previously IndCor Properties).


How Drupal has helped.

-Integrate with property management and community platforms

-A/B testing for conversion optimization

-Maintain MLS listing for resale

-SEO best-practices built in


Drupal has helped Elevated Third’s real estate clients create simple entry points into property management and community platforms with tools like SSO. Admins can easily publish/unpublish multiple versions of pages for quick A/B testing. Additionally, Drupal makes a retheme simple as photography and assets are developed.

Digital Marketing and Drupal can be powerful tools for the real estate industry if leveraged in conjunction with the phases of a project, its high-pressure timelines, and budgets.