Draggable Views Caching Drama


Hello fellow Drupal developers.

Just wanted to give you a little heads up on an issue I ran into with draggable views. Our work page uses them to create the nifty slideshow thumbnails and I realized today, upon adding the Fitzgerald Petersen site, that draggableviews wasn't saving the order in which I arranged which item should come first. After clicking and re-clicking save over and over again, editing a ton of permissions, messing with the paging settings, and deleting and re-adding the nodes to no avail, I was beside myself. It wasn't until I read up on the official documentation (I know, something I should've done much sooner) for the module that I discovered the caching settings [see image] for a view will cause it to ignore your new order and just flat-out not work. So if you're having issues getting draggable views to save the order, make sure to disable the default display, as well as any page/block displays' caching settings. You can re-enable them when you're done.

A guide for disabling dragable views