Drupal 7 Overlays and Flash Video


Everybody loves Drupal 7's new lightbox/colorbox overlays for editing content. 

It lets you make quick changes to the content, without the need to exit the page. One word of caution though, jQuery overlays do not play well with flash. 

As a quick tip for the newfound Drupal 7 developers out there, I recommend you use the CKEditor SWF module alongside CKEditor. This allows you to upload and embed .swf files using the user friendly IMCE interface. More importantly, it allows you to use IMCE to set the wmode to transparent, and keep those pesky flash windows behind the editor overlay.

See screenshots below:

Flash properties in a WYSIWYG

without properly assigning the wmode property of the swf embed, it will show up on top of your overlay.

The flash properties menu

Set the wmode to transparent on properties tab of the IMCE Flash editor.