Drupalcon 2018 Preview

DrupalCon Nashville 2018

The 2018 Drupalcon Platinum Sponsor badgeDrupalcon 2018 kicks off on April 9th in Nashville, Tennessee. 

Whether you’re looking to brush up on your development skills, learn about emerging technologies like Headless Drupal, or just looking to connect with the Drupal community, DrupalCon is the place to be. 

Drupal is Elevated Third’s bread and butter, so you can bet we’ll be showing up in full force. This year, we’re bringing a contingent of 15 developers, designers, project managers, and strategists. The entire team will be ready to share expertise and connect on all things Drupal and beyond. 

We'll be setting up shop at booth 306, but you can also catch us on the big stage with the following DrupalCon Sessions:

The Nimble Giant: How D8 Helped Perforce Software Scale Its Website for Double-Digit Growth

The Perforce Software Website

Kate Sawyer, Senior Account Manager

Anthony Simone, Senior Drupal Developer

April 10th at Noon

Perforce version control is used by 8 of the top 10 electronics companies like Samsung and Micron, and 18 of the top 20 game development companies, like Ubisoft and Epic Games. The software leader needed a powerful, customizable website to serve their large content team and scale with the rapid growth of business.  

We helped Perforce design, architect, and rebuild a B2B website that allows administrators to take advantage of Drupal’s flexibility and ease-of-use. The new site leverages SEO, integrates with third-party tools like Marketo, and provides a more efficient content management process. We leveraged Drupal’s un-opinionated structural framework to build an architecture-first tool that models Perforce Software’s business structure and is flexible enough to grow and change along with them.

In a project that showcases Drupal 8’s capacity for enterprise website development, the new Perforce website delivers a seamless online experience for customers and site administrators alike. If you are a developer integrating third-party tools or work in the SaaS industry and are considering Drupal 8, this session will offer a landscape view of what to expect.

You wouldn’t choose the cheapest brain surgeon: A case for de-commoditizing Drupal.

A illustration showing the scalability of Drupal.

Joe Flores, Senior Drupal Developer

Nelson Harris, Business Development Strategist

April 11th at 3:45 pm

Dries said it himself: the future of Drupal is ambitious digital experiences. The power of building ambitious digital experiences comes with great responsibility. We owe it to ourselves, our users, our clients, and the community, to de-commoditize Drupal development services.
Regardless of your tenure in the Drupal community, you’ve undoubtedly heard people talk about how “hard” Drupal is, and the steep learning curve it carries. 
The truth is, Drupal development can be complex and “difficult”. We argue that’s a good thing, and that Drupal development is not a commodity, but rather a highly critical procedure to be performed by the skilled expert, with an emphasis on not cutting corners. Drupal has evolved beyond its place among the Wordpresses and Squarespaces of the world. It’s too complicated for building basic marketing sites, and the effort to reward ratio for a site like that just isn’t worth it. That’s because Drupal’s effort to reward ratio sweet spot is with more complex sites. It’s meant for ambitious digital experiences. 
So why, then, do so many people try to cut corners and haggle on price when developing a Drupal website? These negotiation tactics are a practice reserved for commodities. You wouldn’t shop around for the best price on brain surgery. On the contrary - if someone offered you the “lowest price”, this would be cause for alarm and concern. This procedure is a massive investment and failure has enormous repercussions. In this session, we argue that Drupal development is the same. 
As an attendee of this session, you’ll walk away knowing: 

  • Drupal’s value proposition as a complex CMS for building ambitious digital experiences
  • Projects that Drupal is meant for, and ones that it’s not 
  • How our agency has moved from thinking of Drupal development as a commodity to a consultative service 
  • How to make sure that Drupal is being used to its full extent on your project
  • This session is great for anyone who is evaluating Drupal for their project, or has already decided on Drupal, but wants to make sure that they are implementing it in the right way, as well as people who work at an agency or consultancy that builds or sells Drupal websites professionally. 

How the NFPA Is Bringing Paper Processes Online With Drupal 8

The Firewise USA Intranet on mobile

Nick Switzer, Development Director

April 11th at 3:45 pm

Firewise USA™'s paper application process existed for 15 years but, in 2016, the Firewise team decided to bring the process online, using Drupal 8 as their platform.

Since moving to Drupal 8, the Wildfire Division of the National Fire Protection Association has streamlined their processes - enabling them to more efficiently deliver on their program’s goal: teaching individuals how to adapt to living with wildfires and take community action to prevent loss of property.

Join Aron Anderson, Associate Project Manager in the Wildfire Division of the NFPA, and Nick Switzer, Development Director at Elevated Third, to discuss the challenges and rewards of bringing a paper process online as a Drupal 8 web app.

Topics we’ll cover include:

  • Why Drupal 8 is the right platform for building complex web apps that need to scale.
  • Balancing effective deliverables with shared understanding to produce working software that meets the organization’s needs.
  • Organizational hurdles to overcome when adding structure and bringing an established paper application process online.
  • Attendees will leave this session with an understanding of why Drupal 8 is a good fit for a complex web app, examples of processes used to execute a Drupal 8 project on time and on budget and some real-life lessons learned through launching and continually updating a project with thousands of active users.


But sessions aren’t the only way to engage at DrupalCon. Check out some other events you can look forward to: 

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If you’re not able to make it to Nashville this year or just want to avoid any Drupal induced FOMO, make sure you follow along on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn for updates on where we'll be and what kind of fun we’re getting into in the Music City. 

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