DrupalCon LA: Speak and Fun Case Study and Digital Ad Spending


What’s everyone talking about this week? Catch up on this week’s trending topics including DrupalCon Los Angeles, digital marketing must-knows and a new Drupal case study.

DrupalCon Los Angeles


Next week from May 11 to May 15, DrupalCon Los Angeles will be hosted at the Los Angeles Convention Center. DrupalCon is a convention for a wide variety of Drupal enthusiasts and users. While the convention originally appealed to just developers, it has since expanded to encompass different sections such as business and strategy, front end and user experience design. To read more about the Elevated Third team’s attendance, check out this blog post.  

Drupal Case Study: Speak And Fun


In this Drupal case study, the Spanish language course agency Speak and Fun chose to use Drupal to update their website. As a small company, they needed a CMS that was reasonably priced. Migrating their old website from a legacy CMS, the agency was seeking a website that would be clean and modern. The flexibility and extendability of Drupal worked in Speak and Fun’s favor.  

US Programmatic Digital Display Ad Spending by Industry 2015


This eMarketer graph, which points to the efficacy of retail and consumer-centric digital ads, also points to the use of B2B digital ads, in areas such as financial services, telecom and computing products. While many people know that retail ads work, it is sometimes easy to forget that B2B ads work in the same way.

6 Things That Every Entrepreneur Must Know About Digital Marketing

According to this article on Forbes, there are several important things any digital marketer worth their salt must know. While many of the phrases are common, that does not diminish their efficacy. Content is king, PPC ads aren’t everything and mobile optimization is vital. As a general overview, this Forbes articles hits many important aspects of digital marketing but doesn’t nearly delve into the intricacies of the digital world.